Battery Jump Start

Dead Battery and Need a Jump Start In or Near Vancouver?

Call us for 24hr Roadside Assistance and Battery Boost service. One of our techs is Near You. In Vancouver and Portland Area the wait time is usually 30 minutes or less. If your car is out of battery or engine just makes clicking sound when you try to start – ASAP Towing will give you a battery boost or deliver and install new battery at your location. There is a Good Chance you just need car jump start if:

  • Hear clicking sound when try to turn over,
  • Lights were left on,
  • Playing radio with engine off,
  • Using phone charger with engine off,
  • Using A/C air when engine is not running,
  • Lights flicker and hear clicks from the engine.

We respond to your calls 24 hours a day during work week and weekends. Local tow truck company is on call and available for emergency roadside assistance issues like Car Battery Jump Start, Flat Tire Change and Car Lockout services. Call (360) 869-3430

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New battery delivery and installation

When you come back from vacation or long trip and find your car with totally dead battery, it is good advise to get battery tested after jump start or just install new one to avoid further problems. When automotive batteries are left sitting for longer periods without charging cycles, the capacity of lead acid battery is being degraded and can not be restored. If you are planing to park your vehicle for longer period like several weeks or even months, disconnecting one of the lead from terminal may save you from buying new battery upon return.

At ASAP Towing Vancouver we offer mobile battery delivery and installation at customer location. We are authorized Interstate Battery dealer and installer in Vancouver and Portland area. Mobile battery replacement service is very useful when you are short on time or regular repair shop are closed. Since our emergency towing ad roadside service are available after work hours and on weekends, battery delivery is available as well.

When jumping cables doesn’t work

Very often we receive calls for a tow or car jump start after customer already attempted to jump a battery with help of another car and pair of jumper cables. There could be several reasons why regular jump from a running car wouldn’t work.

  • Old battery is completely depleted and absorbs all of the electricity coming from donor vehicle
  • The amperage provided by donor car is way to low for size of the engine you are trying to jump start.
  • Jumper leads does not have solid connection to the ground or positive. 
  • Some vehicles may need a reset after voltage has dropped to low levels to keep computer memory and parameters.